Lesbian Avengers Civil Rights Organizing Project: Out Against the Right Handbook Lesbian Avengers' Civil Rights Organizing Project
Out Against the Right: An Organizing Handbook
For lesbian activists and grassroots organizers fighting the Christian Right.

Introduction: Lesbian Avengers Go to Maine
LACROP: Getting Started
Off to Idaho
Basic Premises

Section 1: Out Against the Right - A Hands-On Guide
Section 1: Direct Action for Visibility
Direct Action for Visibility
Thinking Up Ideas for Actions
Creating Powerful Visuals
Visibility Issue #1: Does Everyone Have to be "Out"?
Visibility Issues #2: Safety & Surveillance
Visibility Issues #3: Backlash--Who's Responsible?
Special Events
Let the People Speak: How to Pull Off a Media-Grabbing Town Forum
Getting Everyone Together: Rallies, Concerts, and Fairs
Going Door-to-Door: Canvassing and Literature Drops
So What Are You Waiting For?
Building Grassroots Coalitions with Other Political Groups

Section 2: Background: Our Communities & Our Movement
Campaign Models and the Lesbian/Gay Movement
The Mainstream Campaign Model
How Does a Mainstream Campaign Form and Operate? Centralization, Message, and Media
What's Wrong With This Picture? A Critique of the Mainstream Campaign Model.
The Campaign Closet
Activists as Volunteers/Professionals as Leaders
Eliminating Communities
Our Relationship to other Anti-Initiative Groups
Know Your Enemy: Researching the Christian Right
Community Research

Section 3: Forming & Maintaining a working group
Running Core Group Meetings
Constructive Discussion and Conflict Resolution
Working Together and Taking Care of Each Other
Access to Money and Resources

Section 4: Getting the Word Out
Attracting People to Your Events
Media: Using What's There and Creating Your Own

Section 5: Fundraising

Section 6: After the Vote
Idaho Vote Analysis
After the Vote
After the Vote: continued