Out Against the Right: An Organizing Handbook for Queer Activists and Grassroots Organizers
For lesbian activists and grassroots organizers fighting the Christian Right.

Section 1: Direct Action for Visibility

Section 1 is the core of our handbook--the "How-To" of fighting an anti-lesbian initiative. As discussed in our introduction, our basic campaign strategy is to put voters in direct and repeated contact with lesbians and gay men. All of the projects in this section contribute in some way to this strategy. So while some of our projects, such as door-to-door canvassing, are also done by traditional campaigns, ours have a different focus--to put lesbians and gay men on people's doorsteps. So, for example, we usually make a rule that at least one out lesbian or gay man should be in each canvassing pair.

We have divided our campaign tactics into four broad categories. The first, Direct Action for Visibility, goes step-by-step through the process of pulling off a fabulous, no-apologies action--the heart and soul of Lesbian Avenger organizing, good for all seasons. It then follows up with a discussion of some special visibility "issues"--such as what to do when the mainstream campaign blames you for homophobic "backlash", and how to keep as safe as possible.

The second discusses some special events that incorporate visibility, but have a different focus than a visibility action and are more specific to fighting anti-lesbian initiatives. They include how to organize counter-attacks when the bigots come to town, how to plan a powerful forum where lesbians and gay men can come out to the media and the public, and how to organize a rally, concert or fair.

The third section deals with direct voter contact and mobilization, focusing particularly on door-to-door canvassing and door-to-door literature drops.

Finally, we finish Section 1 with a discussion of how to find allies and how to create and maintain working relationships with them, especially with other political organizations and small businesses in your town or neighborhood.

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